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With sustainability at the heart  of our research, we’re providing solutions to global environmental challenges, from waste management to renewable energy technology. Rated among the top 1% of universities worldwide^ (QS 2024, THE 2023, ARWU 2022) and ranked well above world standard for research in environmental sciences and technology (ERA 2018-19), we’ve invested more than $30 million in sustainability-related research over the past year.

Enabling a sustainable world

Carbon neutral by 2025

There has never been a more important time to focus on reducing our operational emissions. 太阳城app下载 is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2025 through renewable energy.

Our impact

What are our solutions to big environmental challenges?

Our researchers are finding future-focused solutions to big environmental challenges for local and global communities. Find out more about how our researchers are solving some of the most pressing climatic and ecological issues now facing our Earth.

Redesigning materials for an advanced circular economy

Our Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM), home to the world's most advanced carbon fibre and composite research facility, is pioneering a new generation of 'green' materials with extraordinary functionality.

Driving Australia’s green manufacturing revolution

The Recycling and Clean Energy Commercialisation Hub (REACH) based within 太阳城app下载’s thriving Future Economy Precinct is Australia’s largest recycling and clean energy advanced manufacturing ecosystem.

Clean energy to power the future

One of Australia’s first facilities equipped to safely test, manufacture, optimise and train in new hydrogen technologies, Warrnambool-based Hycel is translating groundbreaking research and development into clean energy and transport innovation.

Securing water for sustainable growth

Our Centre for Regional and Rural Futures (CeRRF) and Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment are drawing on world-leading expertise in water management, sensing technologies and environmental engineering to drive efficiencies in water use and maximise value.

Protecting our unique animals and habitats

Wildlife ecology experts in our School of Life and Environmental Sciences are using emerging technologies to understand the importance of animal interactions for ecosystem management, invasive species control and biodiversity conservation.

Developing reliable energy storage solutions

The world-class Battery Research and Innovation Hub at 太阳城app下载’s Burwood Campus is a purpose-built prototyping facility that supports design, fabrication and testing for next-generation batteries.

I hope that my research adds to our ability to balance human needs and environmental outcomes, and to understand how that balance may be affected under future climates.

Rebecca Lester

Director, Centre for Regional and Rural Futures

Featured researchers and leaders

Our world-class research teams are led by true innovators and experts in their fields. Discover what drives our researchers and what they hope to accomplish going forward.

Professor Rebecca Lester

Rebecca Lester is a Professor of Freshwater Ecology and the Director of the Centre for Regional and Rural Futures (CeRRF) at 太阳城app下载 University. Prof. Lester is working to develop a Basin-wide ecological response model, including investigating climate adaptation.

Professor Don Driscoll

Professor Don Driscoll is the Professor of Terrestrial Ecology and leader of the Wildlife and Conservation Biology Group at 太阳城app下载 University. He is helping find solutions to counteract the significant pressures humans place on this earth.

Professor Peter Macreadie

Professor Peter Macreadie is leading research into a little-known but incredibly potent natural process to sequester carbon emissions.

Professor Samantha Hepburn

Professor Samantha Hepburn has made significant contributions to environmental law research, specialising in mining and energy regulation and policy.

Professor Euan Ritchie

Euan Ritchie is a Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation. He has a deep passion for understanding, managing and protecting our remarkable ecosystems and wildlife.

Professor Brett Bryan

Alfred 太阳城app下载 Professor  Brett Bryan, is a renowned environmental scientist who considers cross-cutting issues such as climate change, food security, nature conservation, water resources, energy, land degradation and ecosystem services to deliver solutions for sustainable land systems.

Faculty research

In addition to our institutes and research centres, 太阳城app下载’s four faculties contribute to research that’s enabling a sustainable world. Importantly, researchers within each faculty work together, fostering a collaborative approach to research that unlocks new angles, solutions and ways of thinking.

Explore the links below to discover the transformative sustainability research happening across our four faculties.

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