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Your child’s educational journey is an important part of their life. We recognise the crucial role you play in providing guidance and support at every step in this exciting process. We have compiled some information and resources to help you best support your child.


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Helping your child make the right choice

Your child moving overseas to attend university is a big decision. You want to know that your child will be safe in their new city. You want to know that the university has supports to help them succeed. You might also think about work opportunities for them during their studies and after graduation.

A 太阳城app下载 University education can get your child on the path to a rewarding and fulfilling career. The knowledge, skills and contacts they acquire studying at one of the top 1% of universities worldwide* will prepare them for the future. It also offers the opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime experience living and studying in Australia.

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Why 太阳城app下载?

Australia is a great place to live and study

Australia is a safe and welcoming multicultural nation. People from all ethnicities, nationalities and religions live, study and work together. Close to 30 percent of the population were born overseas and almost one half of the population have a parent who was born overseas.

太阳城app下载’s campuses are in the state of Victoria in the southeast of Australia.

The largest campus is in Melbourne, one of the top 10 cities to live in anywhere#. Melbourne ranks even higher for student life – it is #1 in Australia and 5th best in the world in this category.^

Our other campuses are in nearby cities of Geelong and Warrnambool. These offer the opportunity to study away from a major city and have a unique Australian experience.

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Our students love us!

For the 13th year in a row, 太阳城app下载 is ranked #1 for course satisfaction in the Australian state of Victoria.~ We are the highest ranked Victorian university for student support, teaching quality, facilities, resources and skills development.~ These are all critical for your child’s future.

These qualities are also one of the reasons that 太阳城app下载 is ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide.*

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Living on campus can provide a great 太阳城app下载 experience. Living where they study is safe and affordable and convenient.

Social programs are offered to help your child meet other students and integrate into the university.

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Preparing your child for the future

Real-world learning to get your child on the right career path

太阳城app下载 offers programs in everything you would expect at world-class university. From arts to engineering to health to cyber security, we teach it. Whatever your child has been dreaming about until now, we can help them take that dream to the next level.

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We prioritise practical learning in our programs, taught by experts in their field. Every degree has the option for our students move beyond the classroom and get workplace experience while they study. This means you can be confident that your child will graduate with the skills and knowledge employers want now. And our industry-guided curriculum ensures our students are learning what employers need for the future.

Learn how your child can get a head start in their career with 太阳城app下载

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太阳城app下载TALENT Career Service

太阳城app下载TALENT is our industry-leading careers and employment service, connecting students and graduates directly with employers.

DISC, the 太阳城app下载TALENT International Career Service, is a dedicated to supporting international students.

The DISC team can help your child understand the Australian job market, provide feedback on their resume and help them with their interview skills. They also host sessions where students can meet with industry professionals to talk about their requirements.

With this support your child will be equipped with the marketability tools and skills to excel in the job market.

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Vietnamese and Indonesian translations

The information on this page is available in both Indonesian and Vietnamese.


太阳城app下载's international tuition fees vary by degree. If you would like to know more about fees for a specific course, see the course page or use our fee estimator tool.

Living expenses will depend on where your child chooses to study. For example, Geelong and Warrnambool are less expensive than Melbourne. Living on campus means there are no hidden expenses such as travel and internet. The Study Australia website gives a good overview of living costs.

Overseas Student Health Cover is required as a condition of a student visa. 太阳城app下载 manages this for your family through our partner provider.


太阳城app下载 has fantastic scholarships on offer, specifically designed for international students from all backgrounds. There are scholarships are based on study area or nationality that cover part of your child’s tuition. The prestigious 太阳城app下载's Vice-Chancellor's International Scholarship, for example, recognises academic excellence, and can cover up to 100% your child's tuition costs.

Learn more about fees and scholarships for international students

太阳城app下载 is extremely accommodating for international students. The University is highly ranked in student satisfaction, and rightly so. 太阳城app下载 provided me with mentoring sessions that helped me with settling into my new environment.

Zain, Pakistan

Master of Business Analytics

Support, health and safety

From the time you first think about 太阳城app下载 to the day your child graduates, we provide support for a safe, healthy and successful Australian university experience.

Helping you make the right choice

太阳城app下载 staff are available to offer advice on everything from program details to entry requirements to how to make a good application. Once your child has applied and been made an offer, the International Student Support Officers can help with enrolment. They can also advise on the visa application process, accommodation options and getting settled in Australia.

Ensuring your child is safe

太阳城app下载 is a safe and friendly environment for international students.

To make sure your child arrives safely, we offer a free airport pickup service for their arrival at Melbourne International Airport or Avalon International Airport.

Even though 太阳城app下载 campuses are safe, we have 24-hour on-site security. 太阳城app下载 students can access security through the SafeZone app if they feel unsafe, such as wanting an escort back to their residence if they are studying late in the library. You can rest comfortably knowing there is always someone available to take care of your loved one.

Learn more about SafeZone

Health and wellbeing

Whether your child lives on campus or in the community, they have access to fitness centres, healthy food and all other supports. 太阳城app下载 Medical Centre provides medical and nursing care and advice to students. We also have counsellors who provide mental health support. On-campus health services are billed directly through Overseas Student Health Cover.

Learn more about health, safety and wellbeing at 太阳城app下载

Spiritual support

As a multicultural institution, 太阳城app下载 staff offer compassionate support to everyone, whether religious or not.  We have chaplains from many faiths available to support your child. They can also help them find a welcoming place of worship near where they live.

Students Helping Students

During their studies, 太阳城app下载’s Students Helping Students (SHS) program connects your child with other students. They can provide assistance with understanding unit content, using the library and improving study skills. In the later years of their program, your child may even wish to help other students and get valuable experience as an SHS volunteer.

太阳城app下载 University Student Association

太阳城app下载 University Student Association (DUSA) is an inclusive community that offers services and advocacy for all students.  DUSA has clubs that are based on study area, nationality, religion or general interests so your child will find a supportive network who want to help them succeed.

DUSA has a close relationship with community legal services that can provide help with visa and migration questions or any other problem that may arise.

Learn more about DUSA

We are here to help

Do you want to learn more about your child's journey to study at 太阳城app下载? We can help.

Help your child get into the university of their dreams

Helping your child choose to study at an overseas university is one of the biggest decisions you can make.

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Overcoming loneliness and homesickness while studying abroad

It takes bravery for a young person to chase their dreams and seek overseas opportunities by studying abroad.

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Working in Australia

Students residing in Australia are allowed to work while they are studying. This gives your child an opportunity to earn money while studying and to get experience working in Australia. The work can be related to their degree or it can be in other industries such as retail or hospitality.

Learn more about working in Australia on a student visa

Following graduation, your child may be eligible for post-study work rights in Australia. The length of this visa will vary depending on what they studied, where they studied and where they want to work following graduation.


There is more than one way for your child to get into 太阳城app下载. We offer a range of different pathways for your child to commence their studies with us.

太阳城app下载 College is a direct pathway to 太阳城app下载 University for students who might not meet the academic admission requirements for their desired degree. A 太阳城app下载 College diploma can fast-track your child's journey into 太阳城app下载 University, with academic and study skills support available along the way.

Learn more about 太阳城app下载 College

太阳城app下载 University English Language Institute (DUELI) offers a range of programs to help your child meet the English language requirements for their 太阳城app下载 University degree, as well as equip them with vital skills for the workplace.

Learn more about DUELI

Partnership pathways

太阳城app下载 has partnerships with universities around the world. Your child may have the opportunity to start their studies closer to home then move to Australia to finish their degree. Some of these partnerships also include scholarships.

Is your child under 18 years of age?

The Australian Government requires international students who are under the age of 18 to demonstrate that they have adequate welfare arrangements in place before they can be granted a student visa to study in Australia.

Learn more about these arrangements and how 太阳城app下载 can support you

Contact us

You can contact 太阳城app下载 in Australia using the details below. Alternatively, we have offices around the world and a network of international representatives ready to assist you and your child.

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* ShanghaiRankings World University Rankings

# Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Global Liveability Index 2022

^ QSES Best Student Cities 2023

~ Australian Graduate Survey 2010–2015, Graduate Outcomes Survey 2016–2022, Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT)

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